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RENAISSANCE – my newest novel

Renaissance -  novel of political intrigue

In this political thriller, Robert Curry is unexpectedly put in a position to save the world from imminent nuclear destruction. Given the task of returning to the past and rewriting history, he must first gain enough financial and political power to be able to prevent the series of accidents and manipulations that led to the apocalypse. But he isn’t the only power trying to affect the outcome. In an epic battle, competing energies of cosmic strengths collide in a complex and electrifying weave of plot twists and turns. This wild ride finally explodes in a climax you will not see coming.

Renaissance is fast-paced thriller with unexpected twists and turns, threads that keep weaving themselves into a tapestry of intrigue, power, betrayal, and courage. It’s also a love story that spans three lifetimes: the same lifetimes, three times.

Robert Curry developed a theory about the origin of life: existence is the mind of the intelligent cosmic matter that expanded in the original “Big Bang” to form the current universe. Everything that is, was. Not only is the tangible world a re-configured state of the original Matter, but the intangible world is as well: intangibles such as love, hate, jealousy, and competition—the things that make humans, humans. The probability is, he continues, that the original matter was a community of beings, Master Entities, and those entities still function. We are them, and they are us.

One day, as the world spirals toward nuclear destruction, a Master Entity stops time and instructs Curry to return to the past and re-build the world so that his world—the world he created from his portion of the original matter—would not be destroyed. Curry cleverly uses his knowledge of the future to gain financial and political power.  Along the way his adventures, missteps, successes and failures keep this book active and alive. His search for love—to re-gain his only true love who died in the war that was about to consume his world—drives him as well. There is heartbreak and joy, challenge and triumph, winning and losing.

In the explosive ending, we discover the Master Entity’s true nature and motivation, which is… Sorry. You’ll have to buy the book to find that out.

Please give me feedback, or buy…buy would be good.

Renaissance Sample Chapter

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