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Renaissance, a fiction thriller

Renaissance -  novel

Renaissance – novel

This is about my newest novel, Renaissance.

Renaissance is not about the Renaissance; it’s about a man—and a world—that undergoes a renaissance, a rebirth. This book is of a mixed genre but mostly an adventure, a thriller flavored with financial and political seasoning; it is tightly plotted and engagingly intricate, but interwoven with philosophical undertones.

Frankly, it’s hard to classify Renaissance in terms of genre. Besides being a business/political adventure/suspense/mystery thriller, there’s a bit of a love story. There’s a touch of highly feasible fantasy and a lot about an intense battle between superior forces. There’s stupidity and innovation and manipulation, but mostly it’s an engaging and complex story about a man’s growth, struggle, his cleverness and…well, here’s the brief synopsis:

What if you truly had the chance to go back in time to rewrite history and save the world from imminent destruction? What if your mission was to gain enough financial and political power to actually make a difference? But what if the power that gave you the opportunity had a competitor?

Robert Curry is a colorful college professor near Washington D.C. with a unique philosophy about the universe—one that happens to be true. In Renaissance, we see the world being manipulated by two powerful men, Hiro Matsimoto and Hitomasa Hayama, who trick the world powers into engaging in a nuclear war, a war in which they have built the technology to control and win. However, mistakes, miscalculations, and ineptness in the Situation Rooms of the world powers lead to a doomsday scenario that cannot be controlled—it spirals toward destruction. In the chaos that engulfs the population, Robert Curry’s beloved wife and daughter are killed. Just before a warhead is to be detonated over Washington D.C., Curry’s philosophy becomes reality and the “Master Entity”—the still-functioning intelligent being that was the original matter that formed the universe after the “Big Bang”—stops time. Curry is given the challenge of returning to the past and gaining enough power to avoid the apocalypse. Early on, however, he discovers someone is trying to stop him. As the story unfolds, he realizes that he is a game piece in a struggle between “his” Master Entity and that of his Master Entity’s opponent. But what is the battle? “Good against Evil” or “Win against Lose”? The story has many intertwining threads and many unexpected plot twists and turns from building his business base, through his experience in Vietnam, to his pursuit of the Presidency.

Renaissance is far more of an adventure, a political and financial thriller, than a “time-travel” book—there’s no science-fiction here; that’s just a device.  It is mostly about the decisions and missteps that Curry makes: more about his growth through adversity, betrayal, challenge, and triumph. It is also about his fervent desire to recreate the world so his wife, his only true love, and daughter can be still alive. Renaissance is fast-paced and never stops surprising and challenging the reader. The explosive final outcome of this story cannot be anticipated. There is heartbreak and joy, challenge and triumph, winning and losing, good and evil.

“…it is the best book I have read in a while…” Graham Schofield, Wheatmark.

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