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Novels in the genres of time travel, science fiction, crime, historical, political, thrillers, mystery, and intrigue. 

– Roland: of pirates and patriots won 1st PLACE in the Commercial Fiction category of the 2018 Eric Hoffer Award. See more at US Review of Books
– Roland: of pirates and patriots won 3rd PLACE in the prestigious  2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards.
– The Strong Startup was nominated for the 2016 Small Business Book Awards

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Julia – a crime novel

A Woman. Her Talent. Her Revenge.

Julia is odd. Julia is brilliant and confident. And Julia is determined to become the hottest fashion designer in the industry.

But Julia is a threat. When corporate greed destroyed her father, Julia decided to get even; she would make the man responsible pay for his crimes. But she was poor and living on her own. Her only weapon was her strength, her belief in herself and her ability to design clothes that fascinated and bewildered the fashion world.

Julia’s success became an obsession to a man who would stop at nothing to acquire her line of women’s wear and save his failing company.

Including murder. He's done it before.

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Two People on a Mission for Justice

What if you had the power to deliver justice, to punish evil men, to right wrongs, and to save innocent lives?

The family of young Mason Banks had been hurt, betrayed, cheated, and his father murdered. He felt helpless until he was recruited by a mysterious man whose organization gave him the opportunity to use his skills—his mind and proficiency with a rifle—to deliver the justice the legal system couldn’t. And not only to his father’s killer.

But when Mason questions the organization’s true motives, the hunter becomes the hunted.

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Brothers: vengeance – a crime novel

 Human Trafficking and Greed

Jason and Craig Patterson are young philanthropists, brothers who inherited a large family-owned corporation from their father. But the new CEO, Steve Jaggers, is a greedy and selfish opportunist who wants to strip it away and gain personal control of over $120 million in share value.

To accomplish that goal, Jaggers enlists a Venezuelan man with a murky history and questionable motives. Soon, Jagger’s partner starts to suck him deeper into a far more sinister web of international intrigue, a web that involves extortion, financial manipulation, and the sex trafficking of children. When they murder Craig Patterson, Jason suspects Jaggers is responsible and pledges to prove it and avenge his brother’s death.

Jason and Craig were two of a four-member brotherhood, devoted friends since childhood. Now, only J.L. White, a Biloxi, Mississippi, detective, and Jason remain alive to unravel the conspiracy and bring Jaggers and his South American accomplices to justice.

But Jason uncovers a plot far more complex and deadly than he ever could have imagined. And the stakes become far higher.

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The Robbins: old farts gone bad

Cover_front_ALT_200Don't screw with grandparents

The Robbins are determined to get their money back—and get even.

When an arrogant and selfish 26-year old, Ken Paulson, inherited a large national jewelry store chain, he probably shouldn’t have fired 72-year old Wayne Robbins, a brilliant engineer who helped Ken’s father build the company. And he certainly should not have stolen Robbins’ retirement funds, patents, and royalties.

But, he did.

To achieve their goal, Wayne develops a brilliant plan.  Join these sweet retired seniors as they travel the country from RV park to RV park in their motor coach and execute their strategy. They have to overcome unexpected challenges, conspiracies, mysteries, crossed loyalties, and, finally, to survive, they must face the people they fear the most, people who can either save or destroy them.

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People on a Plane – Stage play

A low-budget, highly entertaining stage play.

An endangered Indian Reservation. A corrupt U.S. Senator and his indentured assistant. An Activist who is pledged to stop a deal that would crush his tribe. A crusty old couple. A heroic pilot and the flight attendant who loves him.

This fast-paced stage play threads its way through emotions and challenges on a hilarious flight plan.

For details, contact me through the contact page.

Mrr: a post-apocalyptic race through time


The Dome is dying

Only one element can save it, and there is only one place it can be found.

Two hundred years after the apocalypse that poisoned the atmosphere, the last remaining sanctuary is in danger of dying from lack of oxygen. Desperate measures are taken and Mrr, a time scientist, is returned to 1988 to find the only substance that might save the Dome.  But Mrr finds himself in a bewildering new world and makes critical misjudgments that threaten to ruin, not save, the Dome.

In an alternately hilarious and deadly serious set of complex plot twists, turns, and bizarre characters, this wild ride finally explodes in a surprising and satisfying conclusion.

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Freriks creates a vivid environment where reality meets science fiction. From the first chapter of the book, I was taken on a literary journey painted with mystery, exploration, humor, and imagination. Bravo to Tim for writing such a great book.  Dr. Roger Clapp


Mrr is one of those crazy books that made me laugh hysterically, fear for the characters, and wonder what is coming next. It was a real fast-paced read that kept me glued to the pages. Like his first book, Apocalypse Disrupted, the twists and turns were unexpected and engaging. Can’t wait to read his newest book, Roland. Great job! Amazon customer

I am a huge fan of science fiction and I loved Freriks' first book, Apocalyse Disrupted, so I wanted to try Mrr. I was not disappointed. I was drawn in right from the first page and it didn't let me go. It was certainly a unique and complex story. Great read. I loved the relationship between Mrr and Marge, but even the bad guys were unique and captivating. There were parts where I laughed really hard. And the ending was an incredible ride. Another great book by Tim Freriks. Can't wait for the next one. Lauren Rowell.

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The Strong Startup

Building a Business from the Customer Up

What makes a successful business?


Make sure you can create some before you quit your day job.

A sensible guide to building a foundation for a startup business.

Building off his own experiences as an entrepreneur, this book offers all the insight, essential tools, and wisdom that ultimately comes from success and failure, knowledge you need before venturing out on your own. This book offers a sensible, useful, and logical progression of steps that can help you build the foundation for a marketable product and a thriving startup business. The lessons were learned over 40 years of misadventures and success.

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You bring the ambition and commitment, we’ll show you how to succeed.

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Startup success takes a product that people will buy… and a plan.

DAK: First Contact


Captain Dak is trying to return home from an extended study of the intelligent life-forms on an alien planet when the ship malfunctions. Unable to leave, he is forced to interact with the alien civilization in an uncontrolled environment. Through unexpected plot twists of trust and betrayal, Dak learns much about the aliens and himself... and how to survive.

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Bad Bugs

Inside a Serial Killer

This book is told through the mind of Michael Stammons, a serial killer.

He tells the story in a somewhat off-handed style, which might be disturbing to some. But it is his story, justifications for his actions.

This is a psychological thriller.

And a love story.


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A Very Fine LIne

Control the Data, Control the World

Data is the world’s fuel, and data runs through a spaghetti plate of fiber optic cables that span the globe on the bottom of every ocean. It’s a simple concept: Control the cables and you control the world’s political and economic systems.

Five unlikely and powerful men become partners in a ruthless plot to do just that, to force their view of the future on the nations of the world. But not all the partners are on the same page.

A brilliant programmer/hacker accidentally discovers the sinister scheme and risks his life and freedom to expose the perpetrators.

He may be the world’s last hope.

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The Mithra Conspiracy

Can a Venture Capitalist Buy a Country?

A country where it makes the laws and nothing its clients can do is illegal?

When an American private equity firm orchestrates a devastating war between two powerful drug cartels and a partnership with two others, a new nation is born.

But when the sinister purpose behind the primary investor is revealed, grave mistakes may destroy America.

Only two young FBI agents can stop it in time.

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Town 20

A Disturbing Vision of the Future

The one-party political system has destroyed America.

It’s the year 2098. Over a period of 70 years, the leaders of the new Fascist state used drugs and subversion to build an army of mindless worker slaves, creating a cold and cruel world where profits drive an indentured society. The Ruling Class lives in selfish luxury while the oppressed masses live in chemical-induced bondage and suffer unimaginable inhumanity.

But the arrogance of the leaders has left them vulnerable. They allowed the technology that supports the Unity to be controlled by only a few slaves in Town 20, and those men have been awakened to reality.

It is time for the Second American Revolution.

Freriks deftly mixes war, politics, and espionage with romance and modern-day technology in this riveting story... His novel is a page-turning tale of compassionate citizens trying to protect the nation from destruction... This dystopian story has similarities to the novel 1984, yet the focus on technology provides a creative and fresh perspective on the perpetual battle between good and evil that is not to be missed.

US Review of Books  (see full review)

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Roland: of pirates and patriots

Inspired by actual people and events in American history.

Winner of two major literary awards.

This story of high adventure and intrigue follows the life of Roland, a 12-year-old English boy in the year 1800 who witnesses the murder of his father and is entrusted with a critical secret.

It is about Roland’s growth to manhood as he and his unlikely collection of patriots and pirates may be the only ones who could save the young United States from destruction in the War of 1812. Inspired by true events and real characters, Roland: of pirates and patriots, tells a harrowing tale of loyalty, patriotism, piracy, strange friendships, greed, obsession, and betrayal—a forgotten backstory that preserved our freedom in a critical battle.

I read Freriks' first book, Apocalypse Disrupted, and loved it. Roland is a great third novel. The concept of finding a hidden story behind the people and events that ended the War of 1812 is awesome. The story grabbed me right from the start and kept me intrigued until the ending. And, wow, what an ending! Great read.
Amazon customer.

Roland: Of Pirates and Patriots is a story about patriotism and the greed for gold. It follows the life of Roland who is a child when he witnesses the murder of his father and takes upon himself a plan to use stolen gold to purchase arms for the defense of America. The various characters were well rounded and with the plot twists were woven into a well-written narrative which I enjoyed reading. Recommended.
David Hayes,

This is a fascinating novel about the lesser known War of 1812 – a conflict between the young United States and Britain. The book filled a few big gaps in my understanding of that period. The story begins in 1800 with a shipment of gold from London to the New World. The precious cargo is lost and will be hunted in the years to follow, leading the reader down the path of pirate adventures and political intrigues. The author strikes a fine balance between the coming-of-age part concerning Roland, the boy who knows where said gold is hidden, and the depiction of the historical facts. A fun read that should appeal particularly to younger readers.

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What if the enemy soldiers in your video game were real?

They look real. They act real.

What if the Artificial Intelligence programmers went a step too far then couldn’t take it back?

Object_3783 is a high-tech thriller, an intense twisting together of real and virtual worlds where the residents in both have secret and often conflicting agendas and fears.

Mistakes on either side of the monitor could have a devastating impact on the Cyber world.

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Apocalypse Disrupted: time shift strategy

Book 1 in the Robert Curry series

The world as we know it is about to be destroyed. But that is not allowed.

In Book 1 of the Robert Curry series, Curry is unexpectedly put in a position to save his family and the world from imminent destruction. Curry must accept the challenge of returning to the past and rewriting history. To gain sufficient political power to be able to prevent the series of accidents and manipulations that led to the brink of the impending apocalypse, he must first gain enough financial power. That task takes him from the mud of Vietnam to the highest offices in the land.

But he isn’t the only force trying to affect the outcome. In an epic battle, competing energies of cosmic strengths collide in a complex and electrifying weave of plot twists and turns. This wild ride finally explodes in a climax you will not see coming.


"Quite simply, Apocalypse Disrupted is a real roller-coaster of a read, a truly fast-paced story with some really unexpected turns along the way. It is the best book I have read in a while." Graham Schofield, Wheatmark, Inc.

"Apocalypse Disrupted is one of those pulse-quickening stories that takes you on a high-speed chase, warping time to re-build events that would have otherwise destroyed the world. Robert Curry is sure to be the next Jack Ryan. Grab your popcorn and lose yourself in the guilty pleasure that is Apocalypse Disrupted."   P. McCabe-Remmel, Professor, USF College of English.

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Three Legs of the Caliphate

3Legs_Cover_websiteBook 2 in the Robert Curry series

Perhaps the scariest book you’ll ever read. This story should chill every one of us to the bone. Is it fact or fiction?

Robert Curry’s new war is raging in the world right now. This time, it’s not just about saving his family and his country… it’s about preserving their freedoms. And yours.

Cyber control of the world’s economy

Political control of the world’s minds

Radical Islamic control of the world’s destiny

In a continuation of Apocalypse Disrupted, Three Legs of the Caliphate pulls you into Curry’s fight against today’s radical Islamic terrorists, cyber/financial manipulators, and twisted politicians who develop an integrated strategy to wage Jihad against ‘non-believers’ and build a Caliphate for themselves. Curry must use his enhanced powers to identify the conspirators and defuse their scheme before the Western world—your world—is overrun, before his country, his family, our freedoms, are destroyed.


“From my military experience—I was embedded with Afghans for a year—Freriks is spot on with Middle Eastern customs and culture, but more importantly, the viewpoint of radical Islam. I was amazed at the depth and breadth of military intelligence, IT, and Middle Eastern culture. Not to mention how scary the book parallels today's world. Great story. Couldn't put it down. Kudos.” Captain Phillip Blaine, Navy, MSC, USN