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Robbins 5-Star Review

Reviewed by Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

The Robbins: Old Farts Gone Bad by Timothy A. Freriks is a rare baby boomer adventure that will keep you entertained from the first page to the last. Wayne Robbins is an engineer, a septuagenarian who helped found a large jewelry store chain that is losing money, according to the arrogant and selfish Ken Paulson, the son of Wayne’s business partner, Bob Paulson. Ken inherited the business and he is letting Wayne go, deciding to cheat Wayne out of his $2.8 million retirement fund, patents, and royalties. Wayne and his wife, Betty, are supposed to be enjoying their golden years, but they now can’t. So, they embark on a holy mission with unholy motivations to get their money back.

The Robbins is a brilliant work of fiction driven by two brilliant characters. Wayne and Betty are like a favorite pair of old shoes: worn out but you still enjoy wearing them. In spite of the infirmities
of old age that they battle, along with the mishaps they find themselves in, these characters are easy to love and give you a sense of comfort the same way you feel about your own grandparents.

The rhythms of their dialogues have a strong harmony with their actions because Timothy A. Freriks reminds us that they are old folks, and his sensitivity to this element makes the action really convincing. The plot is well-paced and it reaches a story arc that befits characters who have already jumped down the rabbit hole of retirement. The Robbins is a blast, and in a world full of stories about doom and gloom, these ‘old farts’ will put a smile on your face