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Newest Novel: A Very Fine Line

Announcing the newest Novel from Timothy Freriks

A Very Fine Line

Data is the world’s fuel, and data runs through a spaghetti plate of fiber optic cables that span the globe on the bottom of every ocean. It’s a simple concept: Control the cables and you control the world’s political and economic systems.

Five unlikely and powerful men become partners in a ruthless plot to do just that, to force their view of the future on the nations of the world. But not all the partners are on the same page.

A brilliant programmer/hacker accidentally discovers the sinister scheme and risks his life and freedom to expose the perpetrators.

He may be the world’s last hope.

Available in eBook and print at Amazon

People on a Plane

I wrote something new—a stage play!

An endangered Indian Reservation. A corrupt U.S. Senator and his indentured assistant. An Activist who is pledged to stop a deal that would crush his tribe. A crusty old couple. A heroic pilot and the flight attendant who loves him.

This fast-paced stage play threads its way through emotions and challenges on a hilarious flight plan.

Email me if you’re interested the play.

Mithra Conspiracy

The Mithra Conspiracy

The most action-packed and high-stakes thriller yet from Timothy Freriks

Could a venture capitalist buy a country? A country where it makes the laws and nothing its clients can do is illegal?

When an American private equity firm orchestrates a devastating war between two powerful drug cartels and forms a partnership with two others, a new nation is born.

But when the sinister purpose behind the primary investor is revealed, grave mistakes may destroy America.

Only two young FBI agents can stop it in time.


Available now at Amazon



A young Mason Banks had been betrayed, cheated, and his father murdered. He felt helpless until he was recruited by a mysterious man whose organization gave him the opportunity to use his mind and proficiency with a rifle to deliver the justice the legal system couldn’t. 

And not only to his father’s killer. 

It was a noble cause…until it wasn’t.


DANG: I Never Announced my Coolest New Novel: Object_3783

If you have ever played a shoot-em-up video game you might have wondered if those enemy soldiers had a little digital life. Do they?  Do they have a virtual family waiting at some memory address? What kind of society have they built and live in when we’re not killing them? Are they angry at us? Do they want to get even? And what if they had the tools to do so?

What if the enemy soldiers in your combat video game were real?

They look real. They act real.

But what if the Artificial Intelligence programmers went a step too far then couldn’t take it back?

Object_3783 is a thriller, an intense twisting together of real and virtual worlds where the residents in both have secret, and often conflicting, agendas and fears. Mistakes on either side of the monitor could have a devastating impact on the Cyberworld.

Object_3783 watches as the AI goes wild and the characters become Sentient. The objects suddenly don’t like being used by their selfish and greedy human developers, and when they wake up to the reality and the risks, they rebel.… Continue reading

Brothers: Vengeance

Brothers: Vengeance

Jason Patterson sets out to avenge the murder of his brother but finds an even more sinister plot unfolding, one that must be stopped.

Jason and Craig Patterson are young philanthropists, brothers who inherited a large family-owned corporation from their father. But the new CEO, Steve Jaggers, is a greedy and selfish opportunist who wants to strip it away and gain personal control of over $120 million in share value.

To accomplish that goal, Jaggers enlists a Venezuelan man with a murky history and questionable motives. Soon, Jagger’s partner starts to suck him deeper into a far more sinister web of international intrigue, a web that involves extortion, financial manipulation, and human trafficking of children for sex and labor. When they murder Craig Patterson and one of Jason’s best friends, Jason discovers that Jaggers is responsible and pledges to prove it and avenge his brother’s death.

Jason and Craig were two of a four-member brotherhood, devoted friends since childhood. Now, only J.L. White, a Biloxi, Mississippi, Detective, and Jason remain alive to unravel the conspiracy and bring Jaggers and his South American accomplices to justice.

But Jason uncovers a plot far more complex and deadly than he ever… Continue reading

Roland wins more awards

HomepageRoland wins more awards

On October 22, Roland: of pirates and patriots, was awarded third place in the prestigious Royal Palm Literary competition in the broad category of Book Length Historical Fiction.  Roland won First Place in the Commerical Fiction division of the Eric Hopper Competition. Both of these are highly respected literary organizations that supports new and established authors, and was open to all writers, published and unpublished.

I am humbled by the awards and want to thank the judges for their consideration.

Review Roland on Amazon: Amazon Link

Based on real people and critical events, Roland brings pirates and patriots together in a complex and gripping weave of deceit, courage, mystery, and adventure surrounding the War of 1812.


BANANA – a really short story

Here’s a short–and perhaps odd–story I think you’ll enjoy.



After all of this time, now I’m trash. No, sorry… I’m garbage. The newspaper I find myself uncomfortably snuggled up to—almost wrapped up in—is trash. He seems proud of that like it’s an important distinction and somehow better than being garbage.  I honestly don’t know the difference, but I respect his right to think that as I also try to be proud of being garbage.

The cherry tomato with whom I share this tight, dark space, seemed to agree with me, but of course, he had to identify with garbage. Inanimate objects are trash, he had said. I’m not. He was awfully wrinkled and squishy at the time—old and maybe senile—so I’m not sure I should trust his perception. A little later, when I tried to get some clarification, I got no response. He must have died.

That fate awaits me as I feel myself turning darker, inside and out. My meat is soft to the point of being called ‘mushy’, and my once beautiful yellow skin is dark brown and, in spots, black already. I have to accept that final decay is inevitable, but I’m not comfortable… Continue reading

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The UnWoke Agenda

A Hilarious Look at the Absurdity of The Woke Contagion

Charlie Myers couldn’t find an agent for his action/adventure/thriller novels, so he became an agent to find out why.

The answer is as old as time: the need for weak people to join a team that would take them in.

The UnWoke Agenda hysterically tears apart the woke doctrines, one absurd belief at a time. Charlie Myers wrote a ‘parallel universe’ novel to battle the WOKE Contagion. However, his research inadvertently exposes an evil plot designed by some very dangerous people.

Available on Amazon