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DANG: I Never Announced my Coolest New Novel: Object_3783

If you have ever played a shoot-em-up video game you might have wondered if those enemy soldiers had a little digital life. Do they?  Do they have a virtual family waiting at some memory address? What kind of society have they built and live in when we’re not killing them? Are they angry at us? Do they want to get even? And what if they had the tools to do so?

What if the enemy soldiers in your combat video game were real?

They look real. They act real.

But what if the Artificial Intelligence programmers went a step too far then couldn’t take it back?

Object_3783 is a thriller, an intense twisting together of real and virtual worlds where the residents in both have secret, and often conflicting, agendas and fears. Mistakes on either side of the monitor could have a devastating impact on the Cyberworld.

Object_3783 watches as the AI goes wild and the characters become Sentient. The objects suddenly don’t like being used by their selfish and greedy human developers, and when they wake up to the reality and the risks, they rebel. This is truly a wild ride. Elon Musk said that civilization would be destroyed by Artificial Intelligence gone mad. Will it start inside Call of Duty?


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Sequel to ALONE

Mason and Amy Banks thought they would enjoy a peaceful retirement from a career of delivering swift justice to bad people.

They wouldn’t.

Much of how the brain functions remains unknown. But Doctor Feng Zhuang was convinced he had discovered a world-shattering secret.

And some unscrupulous people discovered a way to take unfair and cruel advantage.

A Jacobs/Benson Thriller


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Sudden Reversal

If you are an American Socialist, don’t read this.

Your head might explode.

It outlines a political conspiracy so expansive, so corrupt, so thorough and plausible, that it could be true.

When I originally wrote this book, the background events igniting the storyline hadn’t happened yet.

But now, many have… and the elitist cabal writing the future history must be stopped.

You may not like my solution.

But you WILL not like the reality!

A Jacobs/Benson Thriller