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IslamicMan_Triangle_WebSiteANNOUNCING MY FAN PAGE

As I grow and gather a fan base, I have been told I needed to set up a Facebook Fan Page, @authortimfreriks. So I did.  This is the new link. Definitely, follow me.

Three Legs is my latest novel, and it is the most frightening. Why? Because this story is happening. If anybody is interested in reading an ARC, please email me at .

The proposed release date is August 15th. Let me know what format (ePub, MOBI, or PDF) you want. I also have a few hard copies if that’s the only way you can read it.

When you email me, I’d love permission to put you on my mailing list, too. Every once in a while, I’ll send news and notices about free copies of new stuff I do. In fact, if you haven’t read the rather intense short stories in my Collection 1, here’s the link for that. Enjoy! Sorry, but they might be a little disturbing.

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Sequel to ALONE

Mason and Amy Banks, Jacobs/Benson Thriller

Mason and Amy Banks thought they would enjoy a peaceful retirement from a career of delivering swift justice to bad people.

They wouldn’t.

Much of how the brain functions remains unknown. But Doctor Feng Zhuang was convinced he had discovered a world-shattering secret.

And some unscrupulous people discovered a way to take unfair and cruel advantage.

Available on Amazon