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Captain Dak


CAPTAIN DAK: first contact

This novella is a short read in the science fiction and social commentary genres. It explores the fears and hopes of members of two alien cultures who are forced to interact. It’s a rather biting and unique look at ‘civilized’ behavior.

Captain Dak can’t leave. His disabled ship has crashed back onto the planet he was exploring. To survive, Captain Dak is forced to interact with the intelligent aliens he was studying. This novella explores the fears and hopes of members of two vastly different cultures. Through unexpected plot twists of friendship, trust, and betrayal, both Dak and the alien learn much about themselves, their worlds… and what survival really means.


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DAK first contact teaser

CoverArt_RealSMALLChapter One

The dull red glow of the space/time coordinate indicator was the first thing Captain Dak saw as he opened his eyes. The terror and confusion of the last two minutes flooded back to him then lifted as he realized that he was alive, still on the bridge of the ship. The pain in his right leg sharpened his awareness, and he tried to sit up. The weight of his fallen work station pressed him against the floor. Wiggling painfully, he struggled out from under the metal and pushed it upright until it snapped into place. He scouted four feet down the slightly angled smooth floor to the wall. Gripping his aching leg, he settled into a more comfortable position as he tried to look around through the darkness and thick haze in the cabin.

“Raj?” he asked cautiously. “This is Dak. Are you alive?”

Only a sharp electronic sound broke the silence as the main control panel blinked to life, then, as if convinced of the futility of the effort, blanked out. There was no sound except for the erratic and soft whining of the gravity regulator trying blindly and faithfully to maintain the G-force required by a… Continue reading

Dak: first contact – novella

CoverArt_RealSMALLDAK: first contact

This novella is a short read (16K works) in the science fiction genre. It is the first contact between  two alien cultures and explores the fears and hopes and resourcefulness of individuals who are forced to interact.

Captain Dak is trying to return home from an extended study of the intelligent life-forms on an alien planet when the ship malfunctions. Unable to leave, he is forced to interact with the alien civilization in an uncontrolled environment. Through unexpected plot twists of trust and betrayal, suspicion and respect, Dak learns much about the aliens and himself.

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