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New novel: Mrr, science fiction adventure

Cover_WebPagelI’m pleased to announce that my newest novel, Mrr, a science fiction adventure, has just been released on Amazon.

Mrr is a departure for me, but a really enjoyable departure. It’s in a science-fiction/post apocalyptic genre and is alternately funny and tragic. (By the way: you’ll have to wait a few pages to find out what the title means). Here’s the synopsis:

Two hundred years after the apocalypse ripped the oxygen from the environment and people were forced to live in immense self-contained Domes, the last remaining human community uses time-travel technology to send Mrr, a time scientist, back to 1988 to recover the only substance that will reverse the decay of the oxygen levels. But that is a completely alien world. He is befriended by a woman, with whom he falls in love, but has difficulty in quickly understanding the culture. Missteps and misunderstandings lead to an often hilarious but deadly serious, set of events. Without intent, he has sent back inaccurate assumptions to the future, making the project fail. Mrr’s colleagues finally decide that the Dome cannot be saved and make plans.

The environmental disaster that befell the earth caused all oxygen to be bond to metals in the form of thick rust. Also produced was a new liquid. Scientists discovered that oxygen could be generated through the interaction of the rust and the liquid. But supplies are running out. The only source of rusted metal lay in caves inside a nearby mountain. Unfortunately, the caves are occupied by a race of mutants who have not been aware of the importance of rust. When the Mole People finally discover that the Domers have been stealing their source of oxygen, they plan to attack the Dome. Betrayal by a rust collector, who falls in love with a non-mutant occupant of the caves, gives them the means to travel across the plains to the Dome.

Several of the remaining time scientists escape the inevitable catastrophe by returning in time. An “enforcer” is sent to return them to face charges of desertion and an exhilarating chase ensues during which a critical event occurs, one that will change the fabric of time. The tightening story lines come together in an unexpected, chaotic, and dramatic ending. Sorry, no spoiler here. Enjoy!

Available on Amazon

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