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Building Your Strength Package

Your Strength Package consists of

  • Aptitudes. What you are good at and can do well; what comes easily
  • Passions/Interests. What turns you on; what could you do for hours; what makes you feel good
  • Values. What is most important to you; what makes you proud of yourself?


Finding your Strengths This can help you determine if you are an Exector, Influencer, Relationship Builder, or Strategic Thinker. $9.99

Personality Type This looks at your values and talents and gives you the top three types from Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, or Conventional. FREE

Campbell Interest and Skill Survey This looks at your Interests and Skills, choosing the highest ones from Influencing, Organizing, Helping, Creating, Analyzing, Producing, Adventuring. $19.95

“Let me help you figure out what all these results mean.” – Tim Freriks

Strength-based Success Consulting.

Keys To Success


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The UnWoke Agenda

A Hilarious Look at the Absurdity of The Woke Contagion

Charlie Myers couldn’t find an agent for his action/adventure/thriller novels, so he became an agent to find out why.

The answer is as old as time: the need for weak people to join a team that would take them in.

The UnWoke Agenda hysterically tears apart the woke doctrines, one absurd belief at a time. Charlie Myers wrote a ‘parallel universe’ novel to battle the WOKE Contagion. However, his research inadvertently exposes an evil plot designed by some very dangerous people.

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