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Boiling Frogs – September, 2087


September, 2087

By Unnamed. (withheld for protection)


Recipe for Boiling a Frog

  1. Do not boil water first; the frog, upon being thrown into a boiling pot, will instantly jump out and hop away.
  2. Simply place the frog in the water then slowly turn up the heat until it is boiling—the frog will become progressively acclimated and increasingly sluggish and unaware of the danger until it is too late.
  3. Reduce heat and remove the frog when it has lost its will to live.
  4. Strip the frog of all of its protective coatings; remove its independence, its need for self-expression and its soul, put it back in the water, adding flavorings to suit your tastes. It is now ready to serve you.

Cautions: Remember the life cycle of frogs:

Bondage to spiritual faith;
Spiritual faith to great courage;
Courage to liberty;
Liberty to Abundance;
Abundance to selfishness;
Selfishness to complacency;
Complacency to apathy;
Apathy to dependency;
Dependency to bondage.

Frogs are most tender as they move from Apathy to Dependency. Catch them at that point and don’t allow spiritual faith to occur.


The vast majority of people in the world are—and always have been— frogs. The people placing them in the water are—and always have been—members of the ruling class. Some people get boiled and some people have dinner. This is the natural way of human civilization; good for the ruling class and invariably unfortunate for the frog population.

There have been marvelous experiments in the history of the world: Early Rome and the 200 year period called Pax Americana (the United States), which ended in the middle of the 21st century, about 40 years ago.  Both are gone, now, replaced by the soul-stealing political and economic systems that have ruled humanity since the beginning of time. In every one of the current eighteen nations on earth, several hundred people in the government rule billions of frogs; the rulers live in luxury and exercise power, and the frogs just live a life that is powerless and bland, without purpose or hope. They call it “socialism”, but it is really “servitude”.

The United States and other “free” countries languished in the Abundance Phase for a long time because its Liberty Phase was allowed to grow and deepen and expand, supported by leaders who actually appreciated freedom and self-reliance.  When it couldn’t expand its ability to resource-gather, it started to consume the abundant resources it gathered. All the frogs became fat because it was so easy to do so—but they wanted more. Everyone became selfish—some more than others—until they became complacent. When the ruling class discovered the ease with which the people became accustomed to sucking the teat they placed in front of them, the saw that the people got so used to it that they stopped caring about resource-gathering themselves; why should they? All was provided and they didn’t have to work very hard. They became dependent on the rulers who placed the resources in front of them.

When the frog population experienced the first true political despot—the Frog King, a seeker of power for his own gain—it realized that the complacency, apathy, and dependence had made them unable to resist the Frog King, who used the frog population to make a wonderful, rich life for himself and his fortunate friends. In order to keep the new status quo, they took away any incentive to be self-reliant then decided to remove any mechanisms by which the frogs could raise any objections. Then they removed the frog’s will to live and prosper. This resulted in a system that could only be described as bondage.


This, my dear readers, is the point at which we find ourselves today. It worked for the Frog King, and this recipe could work for you.

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