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The ACEumptions Matrix is a way for entrepreneurs to systematically organize all the components of a working business plan. It starts with the customer, of course, in the “Customer-Centric” section. For each customer segment, you work from the basics, establishing what the problem is, who the customer is, what solution they are urgently searching and how your product will offer a compelling solution, one that will motivate the customer to pay for it.

As you develop your customer, you develop your product accordingly, making sure the product is, in fact, addressing an urgent problem/solution, one that fits the customer’s profile and needs.

In the Business-Centric section, you start to put together costs, of the product itself and of the infrastructure you design to facilitate the creation and operation of the business.

This is a logical, progressive, and sequential set of steps, starting with the basics in the upper left corner and proceeding down to the resultant Profit Projection in the lower right.

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Sequel to ALONE

Mason and Amy Banks thought they would enjoy a peaceful retirement from a career of delivering swift justice to bad people.

They wouldn’t.

Much of how the brain functions remains unknown. But Doctor Feng Zhuang was convinced he had discovered a world-shattering secret.

And some unscrupulous people discovered a way to take unfair and cruel advantage.

A Jacobs/Benson Thriller


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Sudden Reversal

If you are an American Socialist, don’t read this.

Your head might explode.

It outlines a political conspiracy so expansive, so corrupt, so thorough and plausible, that it could be true.

When I originally wrote this book, the background events igniting the storyline hadn’t happened yet.

But now, many have… and the elitist cabal writing the future history must be stopped.

You may not like my solution.

But you WILL not like the reality!

A Jacobs/Benson Thriller