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Cover_front_ALT_200THE ROBBINS: old farts gone bad

A crime novel. Senior citizens with a mission.

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The Robbins are determined to get their money back—and get even.

When an arrogant and selfish 26-year old, Ken Paulson, inherited a large national jewelry store chain, he probably shouldn’t have fired 72-year old Wayne Robbins, a brilliant engineer who helped Ken’s father build the company. And he certainly should not have stolen Robbins’ retirement funds, patents, and royalties.

But, he did.

To achieve their goal, Wayne develops a brilliant plan.  Join these sweet retired seniors as they travel the country from RV park to RV park in their motor coach and execute their strategy. They have to face unexpected challenges, conspiracies, mysteries, and crossed loyalties. Finally, to survive, they must face the people they fear the most, people who can either save or destroy them.

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