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What if the enemy soldiers in your video game were real?

They look real. They act real.

What if the Artificial Intelligence programmers went a step too far then couldn’t take it back?

Object_3783 is a high-tech thriller, an intense twisting together of real and virtual worlds where the residents in both have secret and often conflicting agendas and fears.

Mistakes on either side of the monitor could have a devastating impact on the Cyberworld.

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A Very Fine Line

Control the Data, Control the World

While hacking into financial databases, Matt Powell, a brilliant but eccentric programmer, discovers a sinister scheme. What Powell found was simple: He knew that data was the world’s fuel, flowing through a spaghetti plate of fiber optic cables on the floor of every ocean, and if you control the cables, you control the world’s political and economic systems. Five powerful men had launched a ruthless scheme to do just that.

As the alarming scope of the conspiracy becomes clear, Powell decides to risk his life and freedom to expose the plot.

He may be the world’s last hope

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