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Experience-Driven Business Advice

Success in business is a noble and rewarding pursuit. However, it can be awfully damn hard to achieve. How do some people soar and some people flop? There are critical components:

  • Clear and consistent vision, the ability to clearly see the big picture amongst the clutter of management
  • Use techniques to re-evaluate Customer Segments, Value Propositions, Channels, Customer Relationships, and Revenue Streams
  • Use techniques to re-evaluate Key Activities, Key Resources, Key Partners, and Expenses
  • An honest evaluation of, and a persistent focus on, the strengths and weaknesses of team members to re-balance, outsource, manage, and re-assign tasks accordingly
  • How to understand investors, what they want and how to pitch to raise money

The process of achieving success can be as easy as developing or redeveloping a rational plan, a framework, a model and a structure to follow and having the discipline to follow it.

By the way, failure is the greatest teacher. Never be afraid of failure. If you are, you’ll never try, and you’ll never learn to succeed. Fail faster!


Success Strategies for Management

Forty years of successful – and not so much – company-building has given Mr. Freriks a hard-earned appreciation for what it takes to succeed, for both new and struggling companies. Businesses and people succeed by finding, building, and using their strengths while outsourcing their weaknesses. Matching employee’s strengths to the right task is key.

Success Strategies for Sales

One side of Mr. Freriks’ last software company, Telsim, was devoted to creating custom training projects for corporate clients. Most of that was in the area of sales training. He developed a fine understanding of what it takes to create a winning sales process and he can bring fresh and fundamental perspectives to bear on your sales effort.



Sequel to ALONE

Mason and Amy Banks thought they would enjoy a peaceful retirement from a career of delivering swift justice to bad people.

They wouldn’t.

Much of how the brain functions remains unknown. But Doctor Feng Zhuang was convinced he had discovered a world-shattering secret.

And some unscrupulous people discovered a way to take unfair and cruel advantage.

A Jacobs/Benson Thriller


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Sudden Reversal

If you are an American Socialist, don’t read this.

Your head might explode.

It outlines a political conspiracy so expansive, so corrupt, so thorough and plausible, that it could be true.

When I originally wrote this book, the background events igniting the storyline hadn’t happened yet.

But now, many have… and the elitist cabal writing the future history must be stopped.

You may not like my solution.

A Jacobs/Benson Thriller