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Apocalypse Disrupted: time shift strategy

Book One of the Robert Curry Series

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The world as we know it is about to be destroyed. But that is not allowed.

In this political thriller, Robert Curry is unexpectedly put in a position to save the world from imminent nuclear destruction. Join Curry as he accepts the task of returning to the past and rewriting history. To gain sufficient political power to be able to prevent the series of accidents and manipulations that led to the brink of an apocalypse, he must first gain enough financial power. That challenge takes him from the mud of Viet Nam to the highest offices in the land.

But he isn’t the only force trying to affect the outcome. In an epic battle, competing energies of cosmic strengths collide in a complex and electrifying weave of plot twists and turns. This wild ride finally explodes in a climax you will not see coming.

This is a mixed genre story: alternative history, time-travel, and political thriller.


Flip the pages of the free chapter of Disrupted below for easy reading. As an alternative, you can download it as a PDF.

The UnWoke Agenda

A Hilarious Look at the Absurdity of The Woke Contagion

Charlie Myers couldn’t find an agent for his action/adventure/thriller novels, so he became an agent to find out why.

The answer is as old as time: the need for weak people to join a team that would take them in.

The UnWoke Agenda hysterically tears apart the woke doctrines, one absurd belief at a time. Charlie Myers wrote a ‘parallel universe’ novel to battle the WOKE Contagion. However, his research inadvertently exposes an evil plot designed by some very dangerous people.

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